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Insufficient preparation for sea level rise due to climate change would lead to catastrophic damage across the state of Hawaii. More than 25,000 acres of land would be destroyed along with 6,500 buildings near the shoreline. 20,000 residents would become homeless. This would amount in more than $19 billion dollars in damages. This report summarizes survey responses from stakeholders across the private, Education & Non-profit, and Government sectors on paths forward to address sea level rise. To learn more, download the file to the left of this text.

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This report is contributing to the conversation about the future fiscal capacity of state and local government. The research in this report is primarily consisting of fiscal expenses that are the most important. These expenses fell into three main categories. 1) the need to lower the impact of the rapidly growing issues in our world such as climate change, sea level rise, and natural disasters. 2) The costs of buildings development and preservation 3) debt that must be paid to fulfill public employee pension along with post-employment healthcare benefits. To learn more, download the file to the left of the text.

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This report is primarily speaking on the impact that the CARES act had on the parties that received the money. The main focus was to compare the ways that these parties gave out the money to help relive some of the financial issues COVID-19 was creating. The federal government decided to give $2 trillion dollars total. This boosted funding for education programs, health care for adults and children, provided food, community and economic development, emergency responses, and many more areas of improvement. To learn more, download the file to the left of the text.


Carbon Taxes, Credits and Offsets: Means for Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

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This webinar is an attempt to elevate knowledge and understanding of our world’s rapid climate change challenges, opportunities and possible solutions. The Climate adaption collective is taking action to raise awareness, encouraging decision makers and the community to take action on some of the most prominent climate change initiatives. This makes more opportunity for having a stronger Hawaii. Climate change is threatening society itself not just our natural environments. From this webinar you will hear from Makenna Coffman(Director for the Institute for Sustainability, UHERO Research, Fellow and Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Hawaii at Manoa)  and Jonathan Marstaller (the president of Pono Pacific) 

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